How to use patch for AC:

1. Install the game normally

2. Play the game all the way until you have finished the assassination in Acre. (first one)

3. Copy/Paste the entire Assassinfs Creed directory to anywhere you want [IE : Copy it to desktop and rename it AC ENG)

4. Apply the AC_ENG_to_RUS.exe patch to your C:\Ubisoft\Assassinfs Creed Directory

5. Delete the gDataPC_StreamedSoundrus.forgeh file

6. Copy DataPC_StreamedSoundfre.forge [for English Version itfs DataPC_StreamedSoundeng.forge or something like that] and paste it where was the file you deleted before [DataPC_StreamedSoundrus.forge]

7. Rename this file [DataPC_StreamedSoundeng.forge] in gDataPC_StreamedSoundrus.forgeh!


8. Launch the game andc MIRACLE u can go to Jerusalem and the voice are in English or German or French or whatever is the language you want to play with!!!


9. when you have finished jerusalem delete the assassinfs creed directory and replace it with the AC-Eng directory that youfd copy at the beginning!!

10. Do the whole thing again if u need to return to Jerusalem later!!!


Thatfit Assassinfs Creed is playable with Jerusalem in English language. 








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